five important things to start business

five important things to start business

1. diligent in your hobby
'Practice makes perfect'. If you do this for a hobby to fill the spare time or fraudulent, you must start now diligent practice. Do not forget to practice all the theory you have learned. With continued practice, your ability will increase and you might be able to produce products. This will increase the selling value.

2. Add your knowledge
If not enough on the experience. You need to increase knowledge through courses, seminars or training related to the hobby. Through such activities, you will gain knowledge and a certificate that can increase the prestige and personal branding. This will cause the trust customers. No one read books, magazines, internet or other media to increase your knowledge. By following the mailing list (mailling list) according to hobbies, you can even get additional insight. Can be met even experts directly. Of course this is very useful.

3. Learning from experts
Experience is the best teacher. Not that you need to experience nature itself. You can draw experience from the business that has been successful. For example the study of ornamental plants that have been successful. Learn from the lecturers or researchers. Study directly with experts and people who successfully run a hobby according to your tekuni, increase your ability. This is the best way to produce a good product and competitive both in terms of quality and price. You can even measure the ability and your work.

4. Sell your products
If your product is ready, immediately selling. For the initial stage, can be offered to the community that you are taking. Or to the environment such as the nearest neighbors and relatives. Benefits, you can ask for feedback about your product, and improve shared before. If they are good responses, you can try to offer shops. However, some types of stores would only receive goods from a particular Supplier.
Or if not, they provide a certain terms, such as minimum number of items of goods, supply continuity, discounts, etc..
If your product unique and not the market, it is better to do online marketing. In addition to cheap, you can reach the right consumers.

5. Do not forget: Campaign!
Marketing needs to be a good campaign with good as well. Do not be lazy to promote your product. Promotion can be done in many ways. If you want free, can be on the website ad free. Or advertise on the mailing-list. If you'd like a personal campaign, to share with the sample to our prospective buyers. Giving the bonus a certain number of purchases is also good for the campaign. Generally, if the customer satisfied, they will be told to other people.

Note also that, prior to actually go to a business, you still need to do market research and create a business plan even though the simple. This is to avoid removing energy, time and cost. In addition, so you know some of you have a hobby, a hobby which can be used as a business. So, are you ready to become a hobby business?

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